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fully english version available ?


hi Folks,

tried to install and even to recompile the bootybay private store appx, which worked and installed so far.
BUT it displays (on my en-us box) a strange language mix, lots of items (including logos!) in simple oder traditional chinese only (zn-cn), which in turn i'm not capable to read :-(
this applies to a lot of messages and errror items too.

looking into the downloaded source via vstudio 2013 pro I've found lots of hardcoded chinese strings ..

so simple question:
will you provide an english version too (en-us?)
i'd help with a german Version in this case (de-de)

btw.: the whole solution is COOOL :-)

cu rainer from Germany

ps.: in the meantime Microsoft launched a so called windows apportal solution, sounding very promising (but a Little bit oversized) too, is that based on your code and ideas?